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The Peninsula


Pelion as cycling destination

Majestic landscapes where mountains, sea and tradition meet

Calm pace and low-trafficed roads

As a tourist destination, Pelion (Πήλιο/Pilio in Greek) has long been a favorite among the Greeks. However, the region has been spared the waves of mass tourism, unlike islands such as Crete and Rhodes. Asphalted roads even to remote beaches and mountain villages, almost car-free roads in low season and varied natural landscape, make Pelion a perfect destination for road cycling. 


Challenge yourself in serpentine roads and steep slopes and reward yourself on the way home by exploring picturesque villages and local food specialties. We mainly cycle during seasons when the weather is normally great for sport-activities, but at the same time warm enough to enjoy a refreshing swim at Pelion´s turquoise water.

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Traditional cuisine, characteristic architecture, ancient history.

 In ancient times, Pelion was known for the centaurs, mythical creatures (half-human, half-horse) who ruled the peninsulas mountains. Local dishes such as pilioritiki pita and Pelion´s own tapas culture (tsipouromezedes) make every stop a gastronomic experience. Large-sized pots, elongated and stylish garden doors and the so-called Pelion-stones are some of the features that characterize the local architectural style. There is simply a lot to experience on two wheels in Pelion! 

Land of the Centaurs

Some of Greece´s finest beaches along the way

Within cycling distance, there are several beautiful beaches, both to the west of the peninsula (Pagasitikos Bay) and to the east (Aegean Sea). All with their own character and charm.

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