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What do I need to bring with me?

Cycling clothes and cycling shoes (in case you use). Keep in mind that there is access to a washing machine during your stay in Argalasti so that you can wash your clothes when you need it.

I notice that you also offer accomodation. Is this part of a travel-package?

It is not a requirement to also book accomodation with us. You can just make use of the bike and the bike tour-service.

I am not familiar with Greece as a cycling destination, how popular is road cycling there?

In recent years, cycling has become popular in Greece. About a hundred long-distance races for "every Sunday"-cyclists are organized around the country. Pelion is for example part of a Super Randonée race, "Pelion & Ossa". Most of the local cyclists have their base in the city of Volos, where there are cycling clubs and bicycle shops.

In which language do I communicate with the guide/organizer?

English, Swedish or Greek.

I need to make a trip-budget, how much will my meals cost me?

During your stay in Argalasti, you have access to a fully equipped kitchen, fridge, etc. The idea is that you should be able to customize your meals based on your own needs and budget. You choose when you want to eat at a restaurant (there are many local tavernas to chosse from) or cook your own meal with local products. Food prices are reasonable, compared to the country's average price level.

I am not familiar with the region, how are the roads? Is it safe to cycle there?

The road surface varies along the peninsula depending on the year the road was built. The roads generally maintain a good level, as the region is a popular tourist destination during the summer period. We cycle almost exclusively on country roads between Pelion's various villages, and therefore low traffic is to be expected.

How will I be able to get home if I get really excausted during a bike ride?

The organizer will arrange for you to be picked up, either by taxi (taxi costs are payed by the traveller, according to local prices) or by the organizer if possible.

I have not used road bike before, will I manage to safely ride it?

Yes! The basic difference from a “normal” bike is the position of levers you push to change gears and brake. You will have time to get acquainted to your bike before the tours. Riding a road bike is pure fun!

Cycling is fun but I also want to do other activities, what are the alternatives?

Join a group of local hikers in exploring exciting natural environments, take an evening running session, throw a ball in Argalasti's open basketball court, try kayak in discovering secret coves. Or visit the local winery and olive oil producer. Just ask the organizer for tips, the options are many!

I have food allergies, will I find food that my stomach can handle?

In Argalasti, we have access to grocery stores with a wide product range, vegetarian, dairy-free, etc.

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